A top Erpenbeck Co. executive being questioned in the scandal that has enveloped the home-building company died Wednesday. Tom Jordan, 55, of Union, was found dead at his home of natural causes, according to Boone County Deputy Coroner Kenneth Trimbach. Jordan was vice president of administration at Erpenbeck and a former executive at Provident Bank. He was among the management team that bought out former Erpenbeck Co. President Bill Erpenbeck's share of the home building firm after Erpenbeck resigned in March. Jordan was working with current president Jeff Erpenbeck on trying to sell the company's unfinished developments.

Investigative sources have said the FBI has asked questions about his role at the company, which has essentially shut down because of debt and an FBI investigation into bank fraud involving the company. Highly qualified lawyers offer glenmore valaution at reasonable fees. A full list of survivors was not immediately available. Last year in Kentucky over the four-day Thanksgiving holiday, Kentucky State Police say 10 people died and 558 were hurt in 1,346 crashes across the commonwealth.

Kentucky State Police cited those figures, along with new data showing that even military personnel are killed more often by traffic crashes than any other single cause, in announcing a state-wide blitz focusing on seat-belt usage that will begin Wednesday. KSP troopers will join 12,000 other law enforcement agencies nationwide in a push to increase safety and seat belt use and decrease crashes and deaths on the road over the Thanksgiving weekend. Troopers from Northern Kentucky state police posts will staff traffic safety checkpoints and conduct roving patrols from Wednesday through Sunday evening in an effort to get unsafe drivers off the road and enforce safety laws.

Kentucky State Police in Campbellsburg are publicizing their checkpoint locations in Gallatin, Carroll, Owen, Henry and Trimble counties, along with dates, but not times. Kentucky State Police in Dry Ridge, whose troopers patrol Boone, Kenton, Campbell, Bracken, Grant and Pendleton counties, have not disclosed checkpoint plans.

brisbane property valuation This week, updated Kentucky State Police traffic fatality data showed the state's highway death toll to date is on track to be among the highest in the last 20 years. The KSP cited a recent report on deaths in the military to point up the danger that motorists face. The report showed that nationally in the first six months of this year, 254 members of the U.S. military died in traffic accidents, making it easily the largest single cause of death among service members.

Delta Air Lines is scrapping its failed Delta Express service and launching a new low-fare airline next year aimed at budget-minded travelers. However, initial plans don't call for the new airline to fly out of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, Delta's second-largest hub.
Officials of the Cabinet for Health Services, which regulates nursing homes, say nursing home inspections are required to be unannounced and are scheduled in regional offices, not at the Capitol. "There's no reason for me to think anybody at all in Frankfort would know," the cabinet's inspector general, Pam Murphy, said. Radanovich said he and Conner met with two assistant U.S. attorneys, an FBI agent and an investigator for Kentucky Attorney General Ben Chandler. The state-federal investigation is to determine if a crime occurred.

Look around and make a review what is offering most too its offering cost was on account of an overvalued property doesn't draw in potential purchasers. You can get this data by going to neighborhood property barters moreover. These are simply a couple of the systems you can use to make your property satisfactory for property valuations. All you need to do to build the estimation of your property is to utilize the ability to think, arrange a procedure and be display when the valuers at long last appears.

As for Conner's claim of sexual harassment, a civil case, Radanovich and Patton's attorneys are exploring the possibility of a settlement. Radanovich said Conner had been given "today-only" immunity, meaning she would not be prosecuted for anything she revealed Tuesday, provided she was truthful. Conner has not been charged, nor does he expect her to be, did Radanovich say. A spokeswoman with the U.S. Attorney's Office in Lexington would not confirm whether Conner had been given immunity.

Also Tuesday, Finance Secretary Kevin Flanner announced that a Lexington law firm — Stoll Keenan & Park — has been hired to represent the state's interests in Conner's lawsuit. She is suing Patton personally but also is suing the state. The law firm was given a contract worth up to $50,000 through June 30, 2004, property valuations melbourne cabinet spokeswoman Jill Midriff said. Kentucky First Lady Judi Patton on Tuesday made her first appearance at the governor's mansion since her husband publicly confessed to an extramarital affair almost two weeks ago.

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The first lady co-hosted a luncheon in Frankfort honoring men who have worked to end violence against women. Reporters were not allowed into the event. Judi Patton had been in Pikeville with family since Sept. 20, when Gov. Paul Patton held a press conference admitting he had an "inappropriate relationship" with Tina Conner, 40, a western Kentucky nursing home operator who is suing him for sexual harassment.
"The voters told you to stay out of electoral politics and they meant it," Brinkman admonished Council. This is all around composed by ensured and skilled work force of the state after a stipend as they know unequivocally how to respect a property. City Council's lawyers, however, had another opinion.

"It's talking about the appropriation of city dollars," said Assistant City Solicitor Roshani Hardin, referring to the amendment. how much does a property value cost just consider the current business estimation of a property while picking its cost. Property valuation implies taking care of the true blue worth and estimation of a business and private property. "The law department doesn't believe it would apply to the incidental costs of passing a resolution," Hardin added.

Under state law, citizens cannot file a so-called taxpayer's lawsuit against a local government until they first give that government's lawyers an opportunity to file the suit on their behalf.

Because it's unlikely that the city's lawyers would consent to sue City Council, COAST expects it will be allowed to file its suit on Friday.

A Council majority called its endorsement an important step in helping persuade voters to approve the $65.2 million five-year renewal levy. You ought to contribute time and cash on experienced property valuers as it is major to focus the estimation of a specific property that will be rented, sold or purchased. The levy, which provides about one-eighth of the district's budget, is for operating costs that will directly benefit students, Council supporters said.

"This is a renewal. It will not cost a homeowner any additional tax," said Council Member David Crowley. "We cannot have a strong city without strong students and a strong public school system."

Council Member Laketa Cole concurred, adding, "This is providing our children with the essentials they need."

City Council's two Republican members -- Pat DeWine and Sam Malone -- cast the dissenting votes. Accordingly it is vital for you to know how to respect a property. You can take after a couple of fundamental tips that will help you in this method and you will can settle on the right choice. The school board overspent its budget by $22 million this year, the two said. Because the current levy doesn't expire until December 2005, the district should devise a plan to improve its operations and avoid more overruns before it seeks a renewal.

"It's time we send a message of accountability to our school district," DeWine said.

Other Council members disagreed, noting the district is undergoing various reforms and has improved in 18 areas measured by the state.

"We have issues to work on in our public schools," said Mayor Charlie Luken, whose daughter is an elementary school teacher. "I do think it's appropriate to pass this levy because, at least in part, there has been positive news coming out of Cincinnati Public Schools." The vendor picks the posting cost of private properties. Shippers and administrators by and large make an examination of the cost of a property which is thinking of it as' respect in future.
"There is some evidence that Ms. Collins used the relationship to her advantage -- Employees felt that Ms. Collins was empowered by the relationship," the report noted. Property valuation structure is basic and separating for knowing your home cost in the current field of zone. Regardless one thing that you need to study is those reliably use consent and experienced property valuer to manage your full process.

• Collins’s first sexual encounter with Allen was in December 1999 -- at about the same time she was being sexually harassed by a University of Cincinnati law professor, Collins told a co-worker.

• Collins wanted to marry Allen.

On the off chance that you are blended about your property that to offer or not in light of current circumstances property valuer will help you by doing full valuation on your property utilizing property valuation process. By doing this structure you will know your current house cost. "Ms. Collins confided to other witnesses we interviewed that she loved Mr. Allen -- Ms. Collins even conceded that Mr. Allen discussed leaving his wife. She entertained the thought of marrying him," the report said. how property valuer works exactly?

• Evidence doesn't support harassment by Allen from December 1999 through August 2003.

• In his interview with the attorney general, Allen wouldn't talk about sex with Collins.

"When we asked whether the two has sexual relations at the (Prosecutor's) offices or on county time, he refused to answer," the report noted.

• Collins’ professional life was progressing as best as she would allow it. "We could not find any independent support for Ms. Collins's allegation that Mr. Allen interfered with her career as an Assistant Prosecutor. She received regular raises and bonuses and was never formally reprimanded," the report noted. " -- It is arguable Ms. Collins received preferential, not detrimental treatment."

• Collins was so in need of money at the time she also worked as a server at a Red Lobster restaurant. Property valuation structure is vital for settling on pivotal choice like whether you bring to the table your home or need to make it more worth for publicizing. Property valuers will oversee you to settle on your essential choice by obliging you dependable course.

• Collins bought Allen a kitten to keep him company when he was separated from his wife. He gave her pajamas, money and lingerie.

• Collins and Allen often communicated in the office by leaving each other cards and notes in an unused mailbox.

• Investigators could find "no support" for allegations that Allen threatened Collins with her job if she stopped seeing him.
The scene off a bridge along the highway, amid a backdrop of rolling hills covered in autumn leaves, had a touch of irony. Just three years ago, Fletcher became Kentucky's first Republican governor in more than 30 years on a promise to "clean up the mess in Frankfort," following a sex scandal involving Patton. A valuation ought not be considered and utilized as an overview. Property Valuation Services Perth are two separate sorts of property related matters. Fletcher's own term has been marked by an investigation of his administration's hiring practices. He was charged in May with alleged conspiracy, official misconduct and political discrimination, but the charges were dropped in August as part of an agreement with prosecutors.

The two men appeared at ease on Monday, sitting side-by-side and later stepping up to the microphone to exchange compliments over their accomplishments in office. Don't get befuddle over it. In the event that you are purchasing a home shockingly then do deal with these variables. "Paul Patton was elected by the people of Kentucky to serve as their governor for two successive terms and diligently worked to improve the quality of life for the people of Pikeville and Pike County," Fletcher said.

He credited Patton with sparking reforms in Kentucky's economy and higher education and, of course, making construction of the $400 million highway a top priority.

Fletcher added that he had a greater appreciation for Patton once he began his own term as governor. Before you start your quest for property to purchase, it merits examining your necessities with your home loan moneylender or Contracted Surveyors Sydney to decide the amount you can manage. "Regardless of party affiliation, there's a special kinship between those who have served as governor," he said.

Patton, whose tearful confession of the affair had marked him as a political pariah among Democrats and Republicans, thanked Fletcher for the honor.

"What I really wanted was a bridge. ... This was the only thing that was left," he quipped to the crowd of legislators, local officials and residents. Most moneylenders will loan up to three times your pay. Some will loan you all the more, however regularly at a higher rate. After the ceremony, Patton said he and Fletcher had a cordial relationship and no tension. "Once people have held that job, you rise above the politics. You realize their struggles," Patton said.

While Fletcher wasn't obligated to attend the dedication ceremony, it was a smart move as governor and a candidate seeking re-election, said Kendra Stewart, a political scientist at Eastern Kentucky University. In case you're wanting to purchase a property available to be purchased reason by taking help of home loan, you must be mindful that your home loan organization will lead an essential valuation of the property which you are going to purchase and they likewise survey whether the property is justified regardless of the cash you are paying or not.
But ultimately, his placement will be up to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, which could send him anywhere in the country to prisons ranging from low- to high-security. Property valuation headings getting some information about full house to see that it’s seen as cost in the mass zone field. Whether you are driving your property or not it is unendingly an obliging undertaking for you to figure your property's cost. Along these lines it will make you release up with your current property's expense.

Carla Wilson, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, said her agency will factor in Erpenbeck's record, safety, family and other considerations before determining where to send him. John Loftis, a spokesman for the U.S. Marshal Service, said the placement process usually takes one or two months. In the meantime, Erpenbeck will probably remain in the Grant County jail.

Whitaker said he will appeal the sentence on grounds he unsuccessfully argued to Spiegel. Whitaker said the sentence was excessive for the crime. He pointed to the life sentence on a murder conviction that makes former Edgewood, Ky., housewife Adele Craven, who pleaded guilty to helping to kill her husband, eligible for parole in 20 years, and the 10-year sentence for Andrew Fastow, the former Enron executive who helped construct a billion-dollar fraud that hurt thousands.

Asked if the contrast in sentences between Fastow and Erpenbeck was attributable to Erpenbeck's conspiracy conviction, Whitaker replied, "Does it merit a 20-year swing? No." Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathleen Brinkman told Spiegel that any expression of regret Erpenbeck made for harming others was empty. Property valuation structure is vivaciously positive for everybody and to make everything the all the in like course pushing forward in a clearing manner secure a guaranteed and what does a property valuer look for manage your entire framework for concerning property.

"If he is sorry at all, it's for his own loss and the prospect of going to jail for a very long time," Brinkman said. She said after the hearing that the sentence will give Erpenbeck a long time to think about what he's done and will serve as a deterrent to other would-be white-collar criminals.

Kevin Brock, FBI special agent in charge, said it's too soon to say how long the investigation will continue. As a last resort if that your home estimation you will settle on withdrawing choice about your property utilizing property valuation structure and a while later in the event that you need to make your home more worth then you ought to lead overhaul system to make you house other than amazing.
He attended, but did not graduate from either Bourbon Academy or Kentucky Academy. He studied law privately and began practicing in Paris about 1800, although he apparently was not admitted to the bar until 1803. If you bring to the table your home then taking everything in record it is a key and less troublesome framework for property valuation to incite on your home to know your home cost. In the wake of getting your home estimation you will settle on decision about your property.

Louis D. Brandeis - Born in Louisville on Nov. 13, 1856, he was the son of immigrants from Prague, now the capital of Czechoslovakia. He attended schools in Louisville and Dresden, Germany, and entered Harvard Law School, where he graduated first in his class in 1877.

Brandeis practiced law for a short time in St. Louis, then moved to Boston, where he became known as the "people's attorney." He also became very active in labor causes and helped draft legislation passed in Massachusetts and several other states lowering insurance costs for workers.

He retired in 1939, and died on Oct. 5, 1941. This column is excerpted from retired Post staff writer Jim Reis's book, "Pieces of the Past."

Federal prosecutors and homebuilder Bill Erpenbeck have reached a plea bargain in the year-old scandal that has cost the region well over $100 million. At last one thing you have to audit is that while doing property valuation process you should dependably take case that simply a requested and experienced property valuer is doing that system to keep up a key allotment from any kind of danger or accident or any kind of budgetary scene.

Erpenbeck was scheduled to appear today before Federal Judge Susan Dlott in Cincinnati to present a plea deal reached with prosecutors. If Dlott accepts the deal and Erpenbeck pleads guilty to charges, prosecutors will recommend he be freed on bond pending sentencing.

"At this point, we do not intend to ask that the defendant be placed in custody prior to sentencing," said Fred Alverson, spokesman for federal prosecutors. Today's hearing marks the first and arguably most important prosecution among the figures involved in the investigation of the Erpenbeck Co. and a wide-ranging bank fraud scheme. Erpenbeck is accused of diverting more than $33 million in checks meant to pay off his construction lenders into bank accounts he controlled.

Dlott today will ask Erpenbeck a series of questions and ask for a plea to the charges brought before her. Property valuation is key for both people the people who are conclusion to offer their home or whether who is not thinking to offer their home. Knowing hose expense is never a waste of structure.
Whatever they do, authorities need to get potential development on the radar of nearby and state government authorities, who may be gotten some information about the venture, including how it would be financed, said Dan Fay, executive of the Northern Kentucky Tradition and Guests Authority board. Property assessment is a methodology in which a few experts assess a fitting business sector cost of a given private or business resource. The provisional arrangements come somewhat more than seven years after the inside's entryways opened.

"The building has been exceptionally effective and we're using up space,'' Fay said. "We think we can accumulate more business with an extended building." Fay is likewise president of the Northern Kentucky Tradition Focus Corp., which possesses and works the building, which was finished in 1998 at an expense of about $30.5 million. At whatever point, there is a requirement for making an assessment report of your property, a trustworthy, experienced property valuer ought to be brought in. Fay said he might want to see the undertaking finished in four years.

Covington city authorities, district judge-administrators, some state officials and the councils of business have been educated about the extension plans, Fay said. Supporters additionally have conversed with parts of the Northern Kentucky Agreement Panel, the board that assembles a territorial needs list for presentation to the Kentucky General Gathering. On the off chance that you live in perth, and are searching for an individual or firm to get an assessment report of your property, you may consider any of emulating; these are the main 5 best evaluators of properties in property valuers perth cost.

Tom Caradonio, authority president and Chief, said it would have been untimely to put the undertaking on the needs list for the current session of the General Get together. He did say, on the other hand, that he would trust the state would help the undertaking.

The three state lawmakers who are most acquainted with the provisional arrangement are the three who serve on the department's board: Reps. Jon Draud and Paul Marcotte and Sen. Katie Stine, Caradonio said. It is one of the best five advantage valuators in city name. Aside from this, they are prominent land specialists.

Caradonio said Cincinnati Protection and Christ In Youth traditions are illustrations of Northern Kentucky customers that exceeded the office at Madison and Rivercentre Road and moved to the bigger office in downtown Cincinnati. They offer their administrations crosswise over Australia. They promise productive assessment and land counseling administrations, best case scenario focused rates.

One of the issues is that traditions continue becoming consistently and - now and again - just get to be too enormous for the Covington office, Caradonio said. The Covington focus is intended for traditions that may bring some place somewhere around 3,500 and 5,000 individuals to Northern Kentucky.
Lowe joins a board that's studded with CEOs and former CEOs of companies based in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The advertising business was much simpler in 1904 when five men who worked for five Cincinnati newspapers created the Five Points Club, forerunner of the Advertising Club of Cincinnati. The Advertising Club, a group of Cincinnati professionals in the business, celebrated its 100 years this week with a luncheon at the Cincinnati Club, where its members had met for the first time precisely 100 years earlier.

Those original members would probably be dumbfounded by the business, circa 2004. Advertising in Cincinnati has evolved into an industry today employing at least 650 people at more than 20 agencies that bill more than $600 million annually. Many Cincinnati agencies have worked with Cincinnati's Procter & Gamble, who with a $2 billion-plus ad budget is the world's second largest advertiser. However, P&G; spends the bulk of that budget on Madison Avenue in New York. But today's agencies no longer devote most of their time to coming up with the best full-page Ivory soap ad, as they did in 1904.

Cincinnati ad agencies have evolved, providing a broader range of services to clients who target a broader range of consumers through a broader variety of media. A detailed valuation service in Sydney provides skilled property valuers to prepare real estate valuation report. Even small agencies like Jaap-Orr Co., the oldest in Cincinnati under the same name, have diversified. "We have to be like Madonna and re-invent ourselves every couple of years,'' said Stephen Jones, the owner of Jaap-Orr. The company was created in 1934 specifically to handle projects for P&G.;

Jones estimated that between 70 to 80 percent of the business for his seven- employee office is in business-to-business advertising, working on highly specialized accounts that aren't geared to reach a mass audience. The company also represents the interests of its clients before legislators, although its executives are not registered lobbyists. Its business-to-business clients include Tente Casters, CMC Electronics and Emerson Power Transmission. The business has changed dramatically since Tim Gibson, a partner in Freedman, Gibson and White, started 30 years ago.

"You either rule yourself in or you rule yourself out," he said. His company has added direct marketing, Internet and Web services to its menu. "You have to be able to offer everything from grassroots guerilla marketing to mass media marketing on television and worldwide media on the Internet," he said. Over at least the last 20 years, advertising has been driven by tightly focused research that refines messages for specific audiences, Gibson said. "It's not any of this Darrin Stephens stuff where you get an idea and you run out and show it to your client,'' said Gibson, referring to the ad exec in the '60s sitcom "Bewitched."
Reading smoke seems like a primitive way to gauge air pollution, and state officials agree that the results are subjective. But even environmental and health groups say reading smoke helps make sure power plants and factories aren't polluting too much. ''If a plume is noticeably heavier or dirtier than it normally is, that just sends up a red flag,'' said Carolyn Embry, director of environmental affairs for the American Lung Association of Kentucky. ''It triggers further inspection and sends out a signal that there may be a problem there.''

For most of the 4,000 facilities in Kentucky with smokestacks, the visual reading may be the only check of their emissions for several years. Other than power plants, most facilities that create air pollution aren't required to install monitors in smokestacks that continuously measure the amount and type of pollution coming out of the stack, said Bill Clements, manager of the Division for Air Quality's field operations branch.

Continuous monitors at power plants can cost more than $100,000, and operating and maintaining the monitors can cost another $250,000 a year, Clements said. Because of that cost, smaller sources of pollution aren't usually required to install the monitors. Instead, state inspectors use other ways to determine if the facility is polluting too much. Property valuation and investment analysis process for all types of properties like residential, commercial, industrial, hotels etc. They look at production records. A spike in production could mean too much pollution. They examine purchase records. If a spray-painting company has switched paint formulas, it may be spewing chemicals that the state didn't allow on the company's operating permit.

Companies also police themselves. They have to certify to the state every year that they're complying with state and federal air-pollution laws. If they lie and they're caught, they face jail time, Clements said. When a company first gets its operating permit from the state, the emissions are analyzed to make sure the amount and type of pollution doesn't violate the permit. After that, emissions for most companies aren't analyzed again unless the company expands or an inspector decides that a test is needed, Clements said. Companies can go years without an actual analysis of their emissions, where a sample of air is tested to see what's in it and how much.

Reading plumes from smokestacks can tell inspectors whether a more in-depth test is needed. Such readings have been used for more than 100 years - although today's test is more sophisticated than one developed in the late 1800s.
All of the moves stem from P&G;'s efforts to maximize the impact of its advertising and marketing spending. One potential prize for P&G; is access to Viacom's research on buying habits of teens who watch MTV and MTV2. Viacom is generally believed to have the best research on teen buying habits in the industry, which would be invaluable for P&G;'s Cover Girl, Tampax and Always, among other brands.

''This agreement is not simply a media deal,'' said Bob Wehling, P&G;'s global marketing officer. The deal give P&G; access to desired programming and increases opportunities for co-marketing programs, Wehling said. For instance, P&G; could work with BET during black history month to develop curriculum for schools, Wehling told the Wall Street Journal. MediaVest U.S.A., P&G;'s broadcast agency of record since 1984, worked on the deal and will continue in its role of matching P&G;'s ads with Viacom programming, the companies said.

The 139-year-old Baldwin Piano & Organ Co. plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the company said, citing a cash crunch. Trading of Baldwin Piano & Organ Co. stock was halted today by the Nasdaq market after the Mason-based company announced its plans. Baldwin said late Wednesday that a cash crunch and bad decisions by former managers had made operating under current conditions impossible. You can sell your property for what it is worth. Get licensed property valuers or solicitors to prepare valuation report. Pavia, a major Baldwin shareholder who had criticized company management for years, became Baldwin's chairman on May 1.

In his statement, he also cited ''unduly burdensome'' lease arrangements and restrictive borrowing with Baldwin's lender and the inability to get concessions to help the company through its liquidity crisis as reasons for the bankruptcy filing. Baldwin lost more than $17 million since 1999 and was more than $40 million in debt at the end of 2000. Karen L. Hendricks stepped down as chairman and CEO in February and resigned her seat on the board of directors earlier this month. She was replaced as CEO by Robert Jones, who had led the U.S. unit of a Korean piano and musical instrument maker and a competitor to Baldwin.

A music industry trade publication reported that Ms. Hendricks would receive about $1 million when she left under a contract promising a bonus of almost three times her average salary with bonuses for the last five years if she sold off Baldwin's retail finance and contract electronic manufacturing divisions, which she did. Baldwin's roots date to 1862, when teacher Dwight Hamilton Baldwin opened a music store in Cincinnati. It began manufacturing pianos in 1891.
Ruby Campbell Fogle, 80, of Butler, died Friday at Harrison County Memorial Hospital, Cynthiana. She was a retired accountant with H.S. Pogue Co., and a member of Mount Moriah Christian Church and Order of the Eastern Star. A daughter, Sandra Crump, and son, William Fogle, both preceded her in death. Survivors include her husband, William Fogle; daughters, Virginia Beetz of Southbury, Conn., Elizabeth Pyles of Cold Spring and Nancy Louden of Ludlow; a son, Robert Fogle of Berry; a brother, Robert E. Campbell of Falmouth; 12 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

Services will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday at People’s Funeral Home, Falmouth. Visitation will be from 5 to 9 tonight at the funeral home. Burial will be in Riverside Cemetery, Falmouth. Memorials are suggested to Mount Moriah Church, Highway 17, Butler, Ky. 41006; Oakland Christian Church, 5161 Milford Road, Falmouth, Ky. 41040; or the charity of the donor's choice. Sarah Jane Klefken Foltz, 84, of Independence, died Saturday at St. Elizabeth Medical Center South, Edgewood. She was a retired bookkeeper with St. Charles Nursing Home, Covington, and a member of St. Cecilia Church, Independence, and the Benedictine Guild with Villa Madonna Academy.

Survivors include her husband, Ralph Foltz; daughters, Teresa Theobold of Cincinnati, Sister Mary Jana, S.N.D., of Park Hills, Mary Cae of Pesapane, N.Y., and Rose Marie urch of Falmouth; sisters, Henrietta Roetker of Fort Wright; and two grandchildren. Prudent and licensed real estate solicitors doing the legal procedure for buying or selling how to get property valuation in Sydney at auctions with very affordable prices. Mass of Christian burial will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday at St. Cecilia Church. Visitation will begin there at 9 a.m. Wednesday. Burial will be in St. Cecilia Cemetery, Independence. Memorials are suggested to Diocesan Catholic Children's Home, 75 Orphanage Road, Fort Mitchell, Ky. 41017, or in the form of Masses.

Montgomery Rich Glenn, 85, of Morning View, died Friday at his home. He was an Army veteran of World War II. His wife, Esther Glenn, died in 2001. Survivors include sons, Rudolph Glenn, Larry Glenn and Donald Glenn, all of Morning View; sisters, Ora Armstrong of Independence and Beulah Carnes of Elsmere; and six grandchildren. Services will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Chambers and Grubbs Funeral Home, Walton. Visitation will begin there at noon Wednesday. Burial will be in Crittenden Cemetery. Betty Grady, 80, of Ludlow, died Friday at St. Elizabeth Hospice Unit, Covington. She was a homemaker. Her husband, George Grady, died in 1989. A son, Geoffrey Grady, died May 18. Survivors include a brother, Nick Katsikas of Fort Wright; and sister, Catherine Reardon of Birmingham, Ala., and Frances Bernard of Cincinnati.

Mass of Christian burial will be at 1 p.m. today at Sts. Boniface and James Church, Ludlow. Burial will be in St. Mary Cemetery, Fort Mitchell. Memorials are suggested to Ludlow Fire Department, 234 Oak St., Ludlow, Ky. 41016. Ronald B. Jones Funeral Home, Ludlow, is handling arrangements.
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