Officials of the Cabinet for Health Services, which regulates nursing homes, say nursing home inspections are required to be unannounced and are scheduled in regional offices, not at the Capitol. "There's no reason for me to think anybody at all in Frankfort would know," the cabinet's inspector general, Pam Murphy, said. Radanovich said he and Conner met with two assistant U.S. attorneys, an FBI agent and an investigator for Kentucky Attorney General Ben Chandler. The state-federal investigation is to determine if a crime occurred.

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As for Conner's claim of sexual harassment, a civil case, Radanovich and Patton's attorneys are exploring the possibility of a settlement. Radanovich said Conner had been given "today-only" immunity, meaning she would not be prosecuted for anything she revealed Tuesday, provided she was truthful. Conner has not been charged, nor does he expect her to be, did Radanovich say. A spokeswoman with the U.S. Attorney's Office in Lexington would not confirm whether Conner had been given immunity.

Also Tuesday, Finance Secretary Kevin Flanner announced that a Lexington law firm — Stoll Keenan & Park — has been hired to represent the state's interests in Conner's lawsuit. She is suing Patton personally but also is suing the state. The law firm was given a contract worth up to $50,000 through June 30, 2004, cabinet spokeswoman Jill Midriff said. Kentucky First Lady Judi Patton on Tuesday made her first appearance at the governor's mansion since her husband publicly confessed to an extramarital affair almost two weeks ago.

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The first lady co-hosted a luncheon in Frankfort honoring men who have worked to end violence against women. Reporters were not allowed into the event. Judi Patton had been in Pikeville with family since Sept. 20, when Gov. Paul Patton held a press conference admitting he had an "inappropriate relationship" with Tina Conner, 40, a western Kentucky nursing home operator who is suing him for sexual harassment.

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